Ministry Connextions


Pamela Bosworth was commissioned from The Salvation Army’s Evangeline Booth College in 1980 and served for eight years as a corps officer in appointments in the USA Southern Territory. During the next thirteen years she worked with the American Red Cross holding a senior management position and being recognized in 1993 with the only National Award presented for Management Excellence. Following that, Pamela served as a regional coach for other Red Cross managers and facilitated leadership development training throughout the south. In 2001, Pamela returned to work for The Salvation Army and currently serves as Assistant to the Director in the School for Leadership Development located on the campus of Evangeline Booth College. She has a passion for helping others benefit from the experience she has gained in the areas of strategic planning, human resources, fundraising and leadership development. Pamela earned her B.A. Degree in Leadership & Ethics from Nazarene Bible College and holds teaching certifications through AchieveGlobal and Evangelical Teachers Association. She is married to Jim, an American Baptist pastor and together they have four children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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