From the Director’s Desk ~ January 2012

The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development (SLD) is expanding its offerings in 2012 for its officers and soldiers. Some of the current courses and those under development will be made available to any interested person. Inherent in the curriculum is a holistic approach to leader development that will address spiritual formation, interpersonal, business, and […]

From the Director’s Desk ~ March 2012 ~ Exciting Days!

We are in exciting days at The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development!  The opportunities for leaders to move forward personally and professionally continue to be created. In October, 2011, SLD launched its first Ministry Cohort with 19 officers and 9 staff.   The cohort worked through the Leader Breakthru material of Dr. Terry Walling as facilitated by […]

From the Director’s Desk – September 2012

From the Director’s Desk: This month the School for Leadership Development will focus attention on Emotional Maturity in Leadership.  Maturity is not just an important component.  It is a necessary element in our leadership. There are many definitions of maturity but one that I heard verbalized in a classroom captured my attention and has given […]

From the Director’s Desk – October 2012

Emotional Intelligence “IQ and technical skills are important, but emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership” Daniel Goleman                 In 1998 Harvard Business Review featured an article entitled “What Makes a Leader?”  Daniel Goleman, author of this article, has done significant work in the area of Emotional Intelligence. In fact, he coined that […]

From the Directors Desk – November 2012

    Integrity An undivided heart is another phrase for integrity. The word disintegration often carries with it a negative connotation.  Something that should be holding together or held together is coming apart or eroding.  You might look in the attic in a very old box of material only to discover that disintegration has begun.  You might look at the […]