From the Director’s Desk – March 2013

Strategic Planning In the vernacular of the day, strategic planning is associated with Boards, fund raising, and programs.  Generally a needs assessment is conducted and becomes the basis for and underpinning of decisions that will be made by any team or organization.  Out of the assessment, a realistic strategic plan is formulated. Truth be told, […]

From the Director’s Desk – April 2013

Delegation “Lack of delegation produces disintegration.”  That quote is directly from Dr. Richard Holz!  He just completed a leadership module for the NCV Division this past weekend and underscored the necessity of every bandmaster to delegate tasks to others so that the rehearsal and other administration work of the band will done in an effective […]

From the Director’s Desk – May 2013

Evaluation Evaluation is a very scary term for many people.  The term often comes emotionally laden with negativity.  Questions such as “am I good enough?” or “who are they to evaluate me?” surface whether or not they are ever verbalized. We move toward a healthy understanding of evaluation when we ask for and/or receive it.  […]

From the Director’s Desk – June 2013

Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2, 2013 are exciting days for the Cadets of the Proclaimers of the Resurrection Session.  For those of you reading without the benefit of Salvation Army “lingo,” our ordination, commissioning and appointment services are held for those who have completed the two-year training program for officers (ministers).  This weekend is the […]

From the Director’s Desk – August 2013

Teamwork Teamwork requires trust, respect, collaboration and continual learning.  These four elements give individuals on any team a place to begin to reflect upon their ability to contribute effectively.  Severely compromise any one of them and you will cripple the effectiveness of the team to complete its goals. While there are times when it is […]