Archived Leader Spotlights


September 2014 Leader Spotlight

Dale Bannon – Time – Urgent or Eternal

May 2014 Leader Spotlight

Major Ronnie Robbins – Profile

March 2014 Leader Spotlight

Tom Walker – “The Life I Was Meant to Live”  

February 2014 Leader Spotlight

Lt. Colonel. Allan Hofer – For The Sake of Others

December 2012 Leader Spotlight

An Interview with Captains Bobby and Anne Westmoreland

December’s MissionMover theme is Relational Intelligence.  Speaking to this important leadership topic are Captains Bobby and Anne Westmoreland, Divsional Commander Keiv, Ukraine, hosted by Major Clarence Bradbury.  We invite you to read their story.


November 2012 Leader Spotlight

 An interview with Lieutenant Dan Nelson and Captain Sarah Nelson

November’s MissionMover theme is Integrity in Leadership.  Speaking to this important leadership topic are Lt. Dan Nelson and Captain Sarah Nelson, Territorial Candidates’ Secretaries, hosted by Major Clarence Bradbury.  The Nelsons have a passion for Spirit-filled people who are and will continue to answer God’s specific call to ministry through The Salvation Army.  They understand the need for committed servants of God who live life with integrity—a consistency of spirit, values and actions.  We invite you to watch and listen carefully.


October 2012 Leader Spotlight

An Interview with Chief Secretary Colonel Brad Bailey

MissionMover continues the emphasis on the subject of our Emotional Quotient into November’s themes in this Leader Spotlight section.  Our new Chief Secretary, Colonel Brad Bailey, sits in an important and insightful interview with the School for Leadership Development, hosted by Major Clarence Bradbury.  We invite you to take a few moments to become acquainted with and listen to the heart of our new Chief Secretary.

 September 2012 Leader Spotlight

An Interview with Captain Gary Wilson

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